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Sexual Health is Wealth

Tackling the pleasure gap affecting modern relationships today


The Pleasure Gap

Ashley Madison, the world's leading married dating site,1 and Shelby Sells, certified love, sex, and life coach, have recently learned just how prominent the pleasure gap still is in relationships today. Specifically, women aren't receiving frequent or adequate oral sex, men are largely unaware that their wives aren't climaxing during sex, and many women who voice their sexual needs are doing so to no avail. To raise awareness, they have joined forces to release the exclusive co-branded Sexual Health is Wealth merchandise line.

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Inspired by women's need for more pleasure, more orgasms, and more sexual reciprocity from their partners, this collaboration communicates one message loud and clear:
Close that gap!

On Sex Education

  • Nearly half (49%) of men compared to 29% of women say pornography was a primary source of sex education.
  • Interestingly, 62% of men found their sexual education to be helpful for their real-life sexual experiences.

"We know historically, a lot of porn has been portrayed through the male gaze and hasn't always captured the true nature of female pleasure," says Sells.

On Oral Sex

  • 59% of women report rarely or never receiving oral sex from their primary partner, but 57% regularly or often go down on them.
  • 77% even say they know they're very good or expert-level good at it, while 26% say their partner is only "good enough."

Among the reasons as to why these women aren't receiving oral pleasure are their partner's perceptions of oral sex as gross or unsanitary (18%), a physical challenge or uncomfortable (20%), as well as their own displeasure with their partner's oral skills, resulting in the decision to stop them from ever doing it (32%).

On Climaxing

  • 43% of men think their partner finishes every time they have sex - but only 18% of women get that post 'O' glow.
  • Only 35% of women who have voiced their sexual preferences to their partners see a wholly positive change in their sex lives.

Communicating better sexual pleasure

Having a conversation about sex is rarely easy, and because we all need a little direction, we asked Shelby Sells to share her top communication tips.

How to give sexual feedback

How to receive sexual feedback

Ashley Madison is the global leader for married dating with more than 70 million members worldwide since 2002. Available in 52 countries and 19 languages, the company’s mission to offer adults a platform to discreetly connect has made it the premier destination for affairs.

Shelby Sells is a certified love, sex, and life coach based in New York City. Her work is centered around unpacking emotions and relearning tools for successful relationships. Shelby's mission is to empower authentic intimate connections by holding space for people to explore their sexuality with open hearts and minds.

For more information on the campaign or merchandise line, or to speak with Shelby Sells or someone from Ashley Madison, please contact [email protected].

1 Based on the number of signups to Ashley Madison since 2002
2 Survey of 2,267 Ashley Madison members between July 21, 2021 and July 28, 2021